Residential Security Services for High-Net -Worth Individuals (HNWI)

Residential Security Services for High-Net -Worth Individuals

This short article aims to introduce residential security services to potential clients what they should consider and require when contracting such services to get the best value for their investment.

Your home is your sanctuary retreat. It's your holly place and your safe haven, where one can laugh and cry without judgment. No one likes to think their haven could be intruded upon. Unfortunately, this happens increasingly so, especially in luxury properties and estates. Therefore, you should take steps to secure your property and give yourself peace of mind.

In the year 2021-2022, according to data provided by the Office for National Statistics, in England and Wales are reported a total of 192 060 burglaries; this is an average of 526 houses per day or 164 every second.[i]

Residential security is a luxury service that provides protection and first-emergency responses to clients, their families and properties against threats such as violent attacks, thefts, fire, or any other threat which could jeopardise the client's and their family's safety.

As with any other luxury service, residential security is not cheap if provided professionally through a holistic approach by implementing integrated security measures. There are four main security components for this service: physical, technological, workforce and procedural. Without all four security elements, effective residential security is impossible. Providing security design, implementation, maintenance, and deployment of security personnel is costly; hence, residential security remains a luxury service.

An integrated and holistic approach will provide the estate and its occupants with multi-layered security. The more security layers, the higher the level of protection. The first layer of security measures should be carried out at the estate's external boundary lines/perimeters; the second layer should be implemented within the shell of the property (exterior doors, windows, walls, etc. ), and the third - in the home itself.

Some estates perimeter security measures for clients to consider are the addition of gates, barriers, fences, security lighting, and the installation of CCTV (Close-Circuit, Television) and PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) with motion and thermal sensors, among others. These measures at the first layer of security will allow a proactive approach by the deployed security personnel.

In terms of the second layer of security, client should further consider the following house security measures within the shell of the property: solid walls, solid doors, enforced windows and locks, security lighting, CCTV and intrusion alarms.

At the third layer of security, within the residence, security measures to consider are CCTV motion detectors, a saferoom equipped with backup communications, a power generator, first aid and food. In case of lack of such facility, one of the rooms should be designated for such safe space with reinforced doors, windows, and solid walls.

Security personnel are an essential element of the residential security program. Physical and technological security measures will be reactive if security personnel are absent on-site to engage at the first sign of a perimeter breach or threats.

Through no fault of their own, clients may overlook the welfare of security personnel deployed at their residences. Providing an excellent working place (a control room/ security room) and welfare facilities will help to create motivated and efficient security personnel, increasing their effectiveness, decreasing the turnover (very important for residential security) and contributing to more proactive personnel.  

All those security measures will only be as efficient as they should be with bespoke procedures, known as Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Response Plans. Those procedures guide the security personnel on what actions to take during the standard operation duties following the risk and threat assessment and in case of emergencies.

Most clients rely only on physical security measures. While these measures are an excellent deterrent for non-professional criminals and opportunists, they do little to obstruct a determined professional. Therefore, having the peace of mind we all deserve for adequate security at our homes can be achieved through implementing integrated security measures, procedures and ensuring professional security personnel.

Thank you taking a time to read this article and I hope has helped potential clients to familiarise themselves with the main principles of residential security and what can make this service more efficient.


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