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Radoslav has a wealth of experience and expertise in security, close protection and bodyguard services. His company has been established for several years and is of the highest caliber within this sphere of business.

Simon Greenberg

Raddy always inspires me with confidence. He continues to work with us at Blackstone Consultancy on a number of key projects and I know that he will deliver our service in an exceptional manner. Wholly reliable, professional, articulate and smart. I thoroughly enjoy having him as part of our team. Thank you Raddy for your professional approach.

Angie Clarke

Radoslav pays close attention at the clients wants and needs, consistently delivers expert personal protection whilst making sure his team reflects the values of the client.

Desmond Ledgister

I have known Radoslav since he joined our SIA CPO training programme. I have no hesitation in recommending Radoslav to any prospective future employer or partner.

Dr David Rubens

I have worked alongside Radoslav on a number of very high profile tasks and found him to be an exceptional operator and strong TL. He has an innate understanding of the requirement of the role, and conducts himself with a level of finesse that is hard to find. He is discrete, trustworthy and incredibly competent. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Kat Hart

We at Pride Security Global have used Radoslav's services on a number of occasions. His attention to detail, professionalism and communication were second to none.He upheld the reputation, image and core values we expect from anyone we work with and will continue to use his services when required.I can highly recommend Radoslav's services to anyone looking for an experienced security professional. An exceptional leader and great team member.

James Culshaw

Rado is one of the most professional operators I have had the pleasure of working with, he is one of the most thorough and attentive operators I know. We covered a number of tasks in London together but it was on the international tasks where Rado’s attention to detail really proved it’s worth, I look forward to working with Rado in the future.

Vince C.

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