Should I consider personal protection services, and is it worth it?

Benefits of our executive protection

The purpose of this short article is NOT to 'sell' fear to promote our industry and its services. Instead, the topic intends to highlight the benefits of our executive protection (bodyguard) services to high net- worth individuals (HNWI) who are still in doubt and provide them with sound advice on choosing the right operator and service that would fit their professional and personal lifestyle.

The most common reason for being hesitant about whether to hire personal protection or not is not the associated expenses but the "intrusion" of an outsider in the inner circle and one's personal life. It is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly.

The most efficient way to deal with these concerns is to hire a personal protection consultant who will provide an initial consultation and advice on choosing the most appropriate service to fit your profile and lifestyle.

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Once the initial consultation is completed, it is time to answer the question: Should I consider personal protection, and is it worth it?

If the consultation report indicates that you are a high-profile individual with a bold social media footprint you live in a home that attracts attention, and you would be considered a high-value target by anyone conducting target-selection survey, then the answer is 'Yes, you should consider private security services’.

The first thing in choosing someone who will become part of your inner household, and who will spend a significant part of your life with on a day basis is to identify the right person who represents specific core values and fits your emotional and social profile. This can establish a solid foundation for a long-lasting professional relationship.

The bodyguard's level of involvement in your business and personal affairs should be a matter of progressive building of trust, discretion, and loyalty.

The advantages of using professional protection services can be viewed in both - personal and professional contexts.

From a professional point of view, a personal protection operator can provide you with what is much needed in today's dynamic society, namely peace of mind, so that you can focus on your professional commitments and on increasing your productivity.

From a personal perspective, the use of private security services will first protect your health and safety, second, your image and dignity, privacy, and lifestyle, last but not least, your home and loved ones.

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A professional protection operator should be able to provide security travel advice, be able to deliver emergency first aid, advise on any security-related matters, mitigate the daily risks and threats, provide up-to-date information on risk and threat trends, advise on essential cyber security issues and finally, be  a facilitator who contributes daily to your peace of mind.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found the topic helpful and of interest. I trust I have managed to highlight the advantages of personal protection services to HNWI, your families and businesses.

R.Savkov BA, CPP, MSyI, M.ISRM

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