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Security Transportation

If you require transportation services for high-value assets and valuables within the UK or Europe, we can provide Close Protection Operators qualified and licensed in Cash in Valuables in Transit (CVIT) operations.

As a standard, we are providing a low profile, covert solutions with a minimal attraction of unwanted attention. With our service, you receive safe and timely transport from point A to B. Our operators work around the clock to ensure the highest standards of secure transportation from the moment we pick up your assets to its secure delivery across the country or worldwide.

We continually strive to improve our security transport services by focusing on risk mitigating measures to prevent exposure to acts of crime to protect your assets and valuables. In order to protect your valuables and assets and our operators, we are implementing additional security measures in areas of high risk such as: • GPS tracking devices • Security vehicle escorts • Dash cameras • Body cameras • Panic/ SOS buttons

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